Advantages of Leasing

Advantage of Leasing, Sunset Financial Group

Sunset Financial Group, LLC is the premier source for customized equipment financing solutions for your small or medium-sized business. We specialize in providing our clients with affordable and personalized financing that caters to the budget of any business, regardless of size or capital. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, we are able to offer our services to a wide array of end-users and vendors nationwide.

One of the most common problems for businesses is their need to build enough capital to develop the business, while covering operating expenses. The need to acquire equipment is a necessary reality, but companies that use their own capital to purchase equipment divert valuable resources away from other potentially lucrative endeavors. One alternative is securing as traditional bank loan, which is always tedious and time-consuming, overburdening a company with excessive paperwork and, worst of all, potentially exhausting its precious credit lines. Leasing does none of that. Instead, it allows your business to quickly obtain the funding it needs without draining cash, tying up lines of credit, resorting to credit cards, or possibly breaching your bank’s lending covenants. Leasing involves little risk while freeing up working capital for reinvesting into your business.

Maintain Capital Strength – Purchasing and leasing equipment is a necessary reality for building your business. A company employing its own cash diverts valuable resources away from other, more prudent uses. Financing avoids these hazards by freeing up cash to use toward other business opportunities.

Tax Advantages – Leasing your equipment through Sunset Financial Group provides your company the ability to take advantage of the IRS’s Section 179 Deduction, which allows your business to deduct the full purchase price of equipment, up to $500,000, as long as it was placed it service within the calendar year. In fact, a company’s actual dollar tax savings from Section 179 could potentially exceed the payments made in the purchasing year. Note: It is important to always consult a licensed tax professional to ensure these deductions are properly executed in accordance with the IRS as well as local and federal laws.

Leasing vs. Traditional Banking – Acquiring a loan from a bank can be excessively tedious, overburdening a company with paperwork while potentially exhausting their precious lines of credit. Most banks also file blanket leans on all business and personal assets, making them susceptible towards complete dissolution if a business were to default on their loan. Financing your equipment through Sunset Financial Group avoids many of the risks associated with traditional banking while also cutting down the cumbersome paperwork needed to secure equipment quickly and efficiently.

Customized Solutions – Sunset Financial Group offers a wide variety of opportunities to structure your lease in a way that is most advantageous to you and your business. Whether it’s step-up payments, step-down payments, seasonal payments, annual payments or deferred payments, our team is eager to work with our clients and vendors to find the most suitable leasing options for their specific needs.

100% Financing & More – Unlike most banks, Sunset Financial Group understands that the “sticker price” of leasing equipment does not account for various additional costs involved with implementation. Implicit costs like shipping, training and installation can all be accounted for and included in specifically tailored payment plans that fit your company’s budget while requiring minimal initial cash up front.

Keeping Pace with Technology – Similar to a new car driving off of a car dealership lot, equipment often plummets in value once it has been used. With technology rapidly advancing, business owners are often left with undesirable, obsolete equipment two or three years after their purchase. To combat this ever-present issue, Sunset Financial Group is able to structure leases that offer your business the freedom to upgrade as needed and stay ahead of the competition.

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