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Why Sunset Financial Group?
Sunset Financial Group, LLC is one of the fastest growing equipment leasing companies anywhere in the country. We are always looking to partner with successful, responsible equipment vendors who share our commitment to excellence and honest, upfront business practices. With Sunset Financial Group, your company can expect that we value relationships and pride ourselves on treating you and your customers with the integrity and responsive service that you deserve. And these aren’t just buzz-word to us:


Unrivaled Professionalism – Our knowledge and insight in the industry is a testament to the experience of our staff. All members of our staff are seasoned experts who have had innumerable experience in the industry. When corresponding with us, you can always expect to be dealing with a courteous and knowledgeable professional, whose goal is to cultivate long-term relationships that are profitable for all.


We Go The Extra Mile – Much of your business’ success is based on who your partners are; working with an uninterested or incompetent partner could have potentially disastrous consequence for both you and your business. Sunset Financial Group recognizes this and has absolutely no tolerance for average or sub-standard work. We deeply value our vendors and work hard to ensure that their needs are always met and expectations exceeded.


No Recourse – Sunset Financial Group will never require any form of recourse from our vendors in instances of a lessee default.


No Hidden Fees – As part of our commitment to honesty, we believe in being as straightforward as possible. We do not believe in deceiving our clients or vendors with unwarrantedsurcharges or fees. With Sunset Financial Group, what you see is what you get.


Freedom – We allow our vendors the freedom to control the sales cycle of financing their equipment. Conversely, if a vendor prefers to give Sunset Financial Group this responsibility, our sales experts can adeptly handle any transactions on your behalf.


Flexibility – Unlike many of our competitors, we comprehend the realities of doing business, and avoid the pitfalls of adopting rigid corporate policies. We take a common sense approach. We understand the needs of our vendors and will work with you to make sure your deals are getting funded!


Specialized Training – We realize that our equipment vendors are superbly well-versed in the inner-workings of their industry. Subsequently, our skilled associates can assist teaching our vendors about the complexities associated with specific leasing and financing deals and how to better market their equipment to prospective customers.


Prompt Payment – Sunset Financial Group is a well-established corporation that recognizes the importance of haste. That is why we offer our vendors the choice of receiving an overnight check or an ACH/wire transfer payment directly into their account.

Up to 100% Pre-Funding – We can guarantee that 100% of your funding will be received before shipping.

More Approvals – Sunset Financial Group has an industry-leading philosophy of credit flexibility. Accordingly, our A-D credit approval programs allow us to work with a diverse group of clients from a variety of different profiles. Our vendors can be confident that if there is a way to get a deal done, Sunset Financial Group will!

For more information on how your business can benefit from partnering with Sunset Financial Group, LLC, please eMail or call us for more details.

If your business is interested in working with Sunset Financial Group, please fill out an vendor application or contact us at


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