Working Capital
Working Capital
Navigating your business through uncertain times is becoming increasingly difficult as big banks and lenders continue to remain stubbornly reluctant to assist small and medium-sized businesses. Sunset Financial Group understands these realities and wants to partner with you by helping you develop your business. We offer our clients a number of innovative opportunities to acquire working capital that work with their budget, not against it.

Small Business Loan – A loan alternative that can rapidly qualify your company with working capital without the wait and hassle's associated with big banks. This a great option for any company that needs a quick cash loan for inventory, expansions, soft costs, advertising etc.

Factoring – We work with one of North America’s most acclaimed factoring companies to help turn your business’s invoices into cash.

Purchase Order Financing – A short-term commercial financing option that furnishes your business with the necessary capital needed to pay suppliers upfront without depleting your company’s cash reserves.

Sale-Leaseback – Sale-Leaseback agreements allows businesses the opportunity to sell their new or used equipment while retaining the rights to use it. This can prove to be a valuable asset for any business concerned with reducing the tax burdens associated with ownership and interested in harnessing the advantages of equipment leasing.