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Most small to medium-sized non-retail businesses sell their goods and/or services to larger businesses or government agencies. Unfortunately, large companies often require small and medium-sized businesses to submit their invoices for payment, usually requiring terms that are net 30 days or longer. This can be disproportionately strenuous for small and medium-sized businesses, as it places an enormous amount of financial burden upon them while interrupting their cash flow.

While small and medium-sized business owners struggle to be successful, few have the working capital necessary to handle increased orders from their partners during times of growth or extend invoice payments in the down season.

Factoring helps ease the difficulties associated with working with larger companies by turning your receivables into CASH!

Factoring is a tool that purchases the sale of your business’s accounts receivable (invoices) at or near the time of the invoice creation. Our factoring program:
  • Endows your business with immediate cash.
  • Provides clients with cash advances that range between 70-95% of their invoices.
  • Puts the burden of payment of your invoices upon Sunset Financial Group, LLC and shifts the associated risks of collection on us.
Sunset Financial Group is committed to helping your business control risk while improving its cash flow. We have partnered with one of North America’s leading factoring providers to offer our clients full service accounts receivable financing and credit management. Our customized credit and collection services are designed specifically to work with your business’ needs.

If you are interested in managing the hazards of your business while improving your cash flow, please fill out an application on our website or contact us at info@sunsetfg.com.

Based on your requirements, a term sheet will be prepared within one business day of you submitting your application. Once you are approved, Sunset Financial Group will process your account for funding within the first 3-6 days of receiving your first batch of invoices. After the first round of funding, you will be granted access to our partner’s online site to receive funding on your invoices (proof of delivery required).